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When the settings of the Kanna (Japanese hand planar) are right and the blade absolutely sharp, it peels a quarter of an mm thin sheet of wood so softly, it's almost unbelievable. A slender sheet of wood rolls and forms beautiful curled rings and covers up the entire working space in a matter of minutes. Witnessing a heavy log transforming into slender delicate shavings. And appreciating at that moment, the sound that the Kanna makes when it peels the wood, a crisp, clear sound. The ease in peeling off a layer of wood, not too much effort, and not too little, a feeling that feels just about right. 


Learning to observe these little things while working with my hands, and getting to understand the hand tool to a level where we both work as a good team, bringing out the best in each other, are a few of the things I learnt during my apprenticeship with Kenji San. 


A workshop is like a sacred space kept with much love and care. Nestled in the beautiful green cover in Auroville, the workshop opens up in the morning when Kenji San walks in at 8:30 am. His prized solitude time is where he plans out the work for the day for himself and his students. The sunlight falls in as all the shutters are opened up and the green from all around is now an extension of the workshop. 


This apprenticeship allowed me to immerse myself in a studio of an artist. To share their space, routine, style of work, concerns and joy. 

As an architect, I sometimes feel the lack of connection to materials, as most of our time is spent on designing or making sure the design is being translated through all the different elements of construction.


My love for doing hands-on work has been with me from the time I was young. I always found it easier to make a quick model with things lying around to better explain my idea. Carpentry has allowed me to explore this connection between “ideating” and “making” in a much deeper way.


The Apprenticeship equipped me with the basic skillset to enter the world of woodwork. An understanding of the tools and machines, and a much deeper connection to oneself through learning to observe the small things, that help connect the body and mind, bringing much joy.

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